Monday, April 29, 2013


You feel it slip, Nothing to grip.
You feel your life start to tip.
A rolling journey before your eyes, rockin' you like a lullaby.
You fly across this endless rift, you feel your thoughts start to drift.
All your logic rearranged.
You can not stop this thing called change.

By: Mary E. Willoughby

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Faery Spotlight

Surina-The Wise Old Woman

She is as old as time itself. Her skin hangs from her frame and is very wrinkled with age. It is so thin that she is almost transparent. She looks very fragile but do not let that fool you.Her hair is wild and looks just like spanish moss.She is bent in stature and her hands are knarled. She moves through realms with the help of a staff and is often seen with an owl in her company. Like Aydin, Surina has no boundries and moves through the realms easily camoflauged by the colors of that particular season.

Let's talk about Surina's eyes. One is as brown as the earth and always moving, taking in all the cycles of life at once.The other is as blue as the sky but blind and unmoving
She wears the most meager of rags as clothing . Her lifestyle is that of a hermit.She searches for wisdom from within and has wealthed a mass treasure trove of that wisdom. Any true seeker that comes to her is granted the benafit of listening to her share this wisdom.

Even the other Faeries respect Surina's solitude.They often leave her small gifts of food and drink. If this powerful elder graces any faery gathering with her sagely company she is treated like royalty by the others. When she speaks, all stop to listen.

Surinna is quick to defend love and compassion. She leads the way by teaching with gentleness and understanding. She can always see the connections between things and even the consequences they will bring .Surina turns her blind eye to punishment. She believes that you are to learn from your mistake and not to repeat them.

You must have patience in order to manifest Surina. You must be willing to listen and to contemplate. You will be encouraged to look within for wisdom, weighing the situation carefully with love and compassion.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sky light

Light cast as the sun bid fairwell to my patch of the earth.
Ahhh, what a beautiful world.


Thought  this dog shirt at cafepress was cute!
The Mother Goddess Rocks!
A shirt for your special furry

Natural Magic

All around us, connecting everything, there is a great energy.
This energy has been given many labels and manifest in many forms.
We are all born part of this energy ever connected to its light.
As we grow we can suppress this light blocking it from view, or we can embrace this energy and let its light shine brightly through us allowing the blossoms of our natural magic to radiate on the world.
Each having our own natural gifts unique to ourselves we also each have unique ways of letting the light grow within us.
I hope you all embrace your light and share it with the world.

~Shine Boldly~

Friday, April 26, 2013

Faery Spotlight

Aydin the Enlightened One.

Aydin is a brilliant faery with skin that shines like gold. His hair has no color as it is pure light and his aura pulsates with energy. Light brightens even more as he moves through it.At night, he appears in the whitest part of the flame.He is a very powerful being with no boundries like other faeries. He transends the realms with ease gathering all of the aspects of light.

Aydin has tremendous faith in the human spirit and he is always available to us. We just have to ask.

Aydin's presense may be felt as a gentle tug of the heart or a swelling of pride and a lump in our throat When his help is being used, your mind feels unusually alert. Things tend to become more clear to you than they were before. Quests are begun and ideas are born

Without Aydin you are dwelling in shadows. Things are foggy and just don't make sense. You may feel that you are walking around without purpose. You may even feel alone. This state of being can attract some of the darkest faeries.

Aydin is always there ready and waiting to fill your heart with light. He can help light up your path on the way to enlightenment. He encourages us to stand on our own two feet and to recognize our own good qualities.He tells us to listen to our inner spirit for wisdom given freely by the Light and that we are stronger than we think. Aydin reminds us that we too are beings of Light and to go forth and shine brightly.

Rays of sun

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Faery Rings and the Pink Moon.

This is April 25 2013, the night of the Pink Moon. Now the moon isn't actually pink but it is full and bright. Native Americans called the full moon of April the Pink Moon. There was a specific name for the full moon of every month of the year. They are listed below;

January- The Wolf Moon. Wolves were out and about in the brightness of the full moon at this time, howling for their next feast.
February- Snow Moon. Some of the heaviest snowfalls came at this time. Also known as the Hunger Moon because often this was a hungry time of the year.
March-Worm Moon. The worms were know to begin to surface at this time.
April- Pink Moon. This indicates the sprouting of seeds and the flowers making their spring debut.
May- Flower Moon. The flowers are said to even grow at night and dance to honor the moon.
June- Strawberry Moon. Strawberry picking time. Picking by moonlight honors the crop and insures a bountiful crop next season.
July- Thunder Moon. This is the time of the year for the biggest thunderstorms. Also known as the Buck Moon because the deers antlers began to develope.
August- Red Moon. The moon is quite often a reddish huge at this time. Also known as the Stergeon Moon because this fish was caught at this time.
September- Harvest Moon. The Native Americans knew that they had a little extra light in which to bring in their harvest.
October- Hunters Moon. The time of the year for prime hunting.
November- Beaver Moon.Beavers are coming into their fullness at this time of year. Time to set traps.
December- Cold Moon Also known as the Longest Night Moon. This is the month of the longest and coldest nights.

So as you can see, we are in the month of the Pink Moon.and as sure as it's name suggests, the wild flowers are in abundance. Spring is everywhere.There are more birds singing and more butterflies fluttering. There is newness in the air. A time for a fresh start. A time for the faeries to gather and bring spring into it's fullness. In the morning look at your gardens and in your yard. If you see a circle of mushrooms or clover you will know that the faeries have been there planning their next masterpiece of natural beauty for our eyes to behold.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, Fill your heart with light and Blessed Be.

Today in the Faery Garden

Even more flowers are blooming today and almost everything has buds!
It is beautiful.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Garden in the heavens

     Today we planted some marigolds, strawberries, and various other eatable plants in honor of our earth.
   As we planted today we talked about how our planet was an oasis in the universe. How its cycles were never ending grandly designed to sustain life without waste throughout nature with more than enough to go around for all.
     How thankful we are to have this eminence garden in the heavens.


    Earth day 2013. Over a billion people around the world are going to be celebrating today by taking action to help our earth.
     We will be planting some flowers and a least one tree; more if I can help it. Then we'll go check out some local events.
     Help protect our planet every little bit counts. What will you do?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Heroes all around

     In the aftermath of the past weeks events we see a nation of communities pulling together in the face of disaster.
     Friends, neighbors, and total strangers reaching out to one another with open arms. Giving in so many ways with unconditional love and bravery.
   Again as one the people have banned forces bringing hope and healing to the hearts of the nation.
There are heroes all around us.
   Thank you!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thank you

Thank you to all the first responders of the recent events in Boston and West.
Our hearts and prayers go out to you!

Explosion in West Texas

     A fertilizer plant exploded around 7:50pm Wednesday in West Texas.
   The blast leveled the plant and surrounding area and has devastated this small community. Many people have lost their homes and dozens are injured. There will be no official reports on the number of fatalities until 6:00am.
     If you would like to help they are in need of blood. There will be blood donation centers opening in the Waco area at 9:00am to help those in need. There is also a web site set up with Baylor where you can find links to donate to Central Texas Red Cross.
   Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families affected by this disaster.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting prepared

 Well today I dug out the tent I bought last year so it can air out a bit.
Just started sorting through my bag of supplies to make sure we have everything we need including the basics in our emergency survival kit.These are some of the things we pack when we go camping, however many of them are good to keep around all year in case of emergencies. I like the individual back packs and the family kits.
    Some of the most basic things you need are:
water/ water purifying tablets:
     at least three days worth for each person.
     at least three days worth for each person
water proof matches or other fire starter
First aid kit
Tools, this includes things like:
      flash lights, batteries, multi-tool, whistles and other signaling items.
Just to name a few.
  You can buy all these things separate and make your own or there are many places that you can find pre-made packs. Just surf around and find what works best for you.
 And don't forget if you have a family pet you'll need items to care for them as well.


Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Always Good to be Prepared

Just from recent events alone we should all know by now that being prepared is improtant.  An emergency supply of food and water and a first aid kit are good to keep in a bag that is easly acessable, or a "go bag" as some call them. If your just getting started there are many places that sell survival kits and gear.

Tax Return

Well here it is folks the last day of the tax season. If you haven't filed yet then today is your last day. That is unless you filed for an extension. Yup,  you heard right an extension. You can file for up to a six month extension on your income tax. So for those of you out there who still haven't filed your taxes and are now in a rush, remember next year if you feel like you need more time to file your tax return all you have to do is request an extension.
     I have already filed, received, and spent mine. there are lots of e-file programs if you choose to do them your self or you can have a tax service prepare them for you. Happy filing!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Focusing on my craft

     Now that my role as second grade teacher has shifted down a few gears I can focus on my craft, writing. It has been so great working from home and getting to be my sons teacher. So during the summer my plan is to get my writing back into full swing.
     Checked out a few cool sites to write on where I can earn a little extra cash, nothing big mind you, but who knows. The sky's the limit.

Keep the Momentum

As Spring in blooming all around us so must we allow our minds to bloom.
Just because school is over doesn't mean that we have to stop learning. on our upcoming vacation I'm sure nature will have more than enough to teach us.
   One thing I want to show my son is how important our plant truly is. After all there's not another one like it. The Earth is unique as unique as each of us.
 So I checked out and found some great resources for us to get involved. there are already so many people fighting to help our planet. So that's our plan to join in and help keep the momentum going!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Well now that we've got our first year of home school under our belt it's time to get ready for vacation!
     most public schools still have about six weeks left of school, but having your child in home school means you decide what the schedule is.
     I personally scheduled us to get out just a bit earlier that we did in public. I am planning to take us on a camping trip! got a great tent, more than enough room for us and our stuff, clothes etc. to fit inside. I just need to pick up a few things and we are all set!
     I haven't told my little fella yet. He is going to be so excited. I want it to be a surprise. We can really get back to nature and have some good family time.


     So today we officially celebrated Second grade graduation!
We played outside in the sprinklers, ate hot dogs and mac~n~cheese then had a really big sponge bob cake! it was lots of fun!
    Shortly after I let my little guy go check the mail for a special delivery!
He was so excited when he pulled out the big Manila envelope. His eyes just lite up when he opened it.
   "Wow", he said jumping up and down. "Cool"!
  It was his awards and diploma for Home school this year.
"Awesome", he shouts throwing his fist in the air.
It was fantastic.      
     So where did I get Certificates for Home school you ask?  Well, we are just like any other school we are just at home. So now my Writing office is now my Teachers office as well. I just used my home photo printer and personalized them for our Home school! It was Fun and easy and seeing the look on his face when he saw them, the confidence and success he felt was Priceless!
I Love Homeschooling. Best thing we ever did!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our first Year of Homeschool.

     When we first decided to home school our son we had so many questions and no one around to give us a direction. We were leaving the public school system for many reasons. we had went through a difficult time through out kindergarten and first grade years there. each day we went became more difficult until it started to get just down right traumatizing. we received multiple calls from the school daily telling us that we were a problem again and again. saying this to my son. Using every method they could including intimidation to try and "control" my son and we could see that it was beginning to damage his self esteem drastically. They had made him feel that if he wasn't just like everyone else then he was BAD. They even went so far to say that we needed to see a Doctor. because they felt that he may need medication in order for them to be able to deal with him. of course we went along (in protest) going to appointments for months. only for them to tells us what we already knew, that everything was fine and he was "normal".
 BAH! "normal". That is when I knew for certain that the school system had failed us. Cast us to the side as a discipline problem and said they didn't have the resources to teach the way we needed.
   So away I go researching on the Internet. Looking up the laws for my state. seeing what was required and looking at a dozen different curriculum's that we could order online. I was surprised to find that I could design our own curriculum we were only required to have a few basic core classes.
     We were so excited. We ordered some work books and some CD ROM games got all the supplies and all the extra stuff and he was excited to be involved with helping pick out the curriculum, this was SO great to see. He was excited about school again!
 As the school year went on we used the work books and supplies and they were great. all year long we, as we call it "played school games". I found that we were less stressed,  in fact no stress, more confident and I was not having any of the problems from the previous years of school. He was ready to get started each day and if we ran into trouble we could quickly switch gears and move on to something else. I loved this our own schedule. We could do what we want when we want. Want to take science class to the field? Go for it!
     I found learning comes without effort when you are learning for just discovery instead of just making sure you are "passing the standard test".
     Best tip I can pass on that I learned this year? Keep it relaxed. There is no reason to wake up at the crack o' dawn putting pressure on not only your kid but you too. Work when you work best we are all different and that IS a GOOD thing.