Saturday, January 27, 2018

~ Super Blue Moon Eclipse ~

Early on the morning of January 31st there is going to be a 
Super Blue Moon Eclipse
This year started off on a Super Full Moon
January's full moon is often referred to as the Wolf Moon.🐺

The month will end in an even more spectacular way!
This full moon will not only be a Super Moon and Blue Moon*
 but there will be an Eclipse as well!!!
For those who are in the viewing area of totality it will also be a
Blood Moon!!

What a magical convergence!
The eclipse will begin at approximately 5:45 am CST. and reach totality at 6:52 am CST.
A great kick start to the day!

Full moon meditation can be an awesome experience.
There are groups that meet to hold group meditations on full moons. 
Bathe all your crystals and stones in the light of the Full Moon to cleanse and charge them.
One of my favorite stones for the Full Moon is of course Moonstone!
Especially Rainbow Moonstone!
Another great stone to work with on this full moon is January's birthstone Garnet.
Garnet symbolizes loyalty and devotion.

Here is a Full Moon Blessing from my archives!

Wishing you a fun and magical
Super Blue Moon Eclipse

~Shine Boldly~

*using the definition of the second full moon in a month, this full moon is a blue moon.
Some define a blue moon as the extra full moon in a season, which is more rare, 
by this definition this full moon is not a blue moon.
also some define it as the 13th full moon in a year.

Friday, January 19, 2018

~ Sacred Sage ~

Sage🌿 ~ Salvia ~ Derived from the Latin ~ salvere ~ meaning to feel well and healthy.
     Sage is one of the largest genus of plant types in the Lamiaceae Family. Sage is commonly used in a variety of different ways from cooking to ceremony depending on the type. Common Sage is most often grown for cooking and is high in vitamins C, A, K, E,... LOL these are great antioxidants! Make sure you get your C,A,K,E daily!! It is also rich in folic acid, thiamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin zinc, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, potassium, and magnesium.

Dried White Sage
How to Grow ~
     Sage can be grown from seeds🌱 or cuttings from another Sage plant. Plant seeds in about 1/4" of soil about 12" apart. Cuttings should be given the same amount of spacing.
Sage doesn't mind a little shade but needs plenty of sun. Cut back flower stems as the appear to promote growth of your plant. It can be grown in pots, garden beds...just about anywhere. No matter where you choose to plant make sure you have well draining soil for your sage plants. Allow soil to dry between watering's ~ make sure you don't over water💦
Sage grows well with Rosemary, Marjoram and Tomatoes!

Types of Sage ~ there are over 900 accepted species of Sage! 
Here are just a few to start with,

Common sage ~  used widely in cooking and in herbal medicine.

White sage ~  sacred to a number of  peoples, and used by some Native American tribes in their ceremonies

Blue sage ~ also known as prairie sage and azure sage grows very tall with narrow leaves and blue flowers

Pineapple sage ~  widely grown as an ornamental shrub with pineapple scented leaves

Greek sage ~ commonly grown and harvested as an alternative to common sage

Cardinal sage ~ or Mexican scarlet sage is a small evergreen shrub with red flowers

Hummingbird sage ~ an anise-scented sage with tall perennial deep blue flowers

Harvesting ~ 🌿
     As with most herbs the best time to harvest is in the early morning after the dew, and before the leaves are warmed by the sun, this is when the essential oils in the leaf are at the highest. You can pick leaves as you require them and/or harvest larger cuttings to be stored. Always clip just above a set of leaves. When clipping for larger harvest Never harvest more than 1/3 off the top of your sage plant, this will cause it to stop producing!

Tip ~ Always water 💦your plant the night before harvesting.

Parts Used ~🍃 Most commonly the Leaves are used fresh or dry.
     Dry in well ventilated area in the sunlight and store in well sealed jars.
Essential oil can also be used.

Metaphysical uses ~ 🔮
     White Sage is used for protection, healing, cleansing energies, blessings.
     Sage is rolled into bundles called smudge sticks. Smudge Sticks are burned like an incense stick allowing the smoke to fill the desired area cleansing and balancing the energies of a space bringing blessings and protection.
     Sage can be used fresh, dry, or as an anointing oil. To transform a dish or the energies of a room. Bless a person, an object or altar space. Sage has been considered a sacred herb since ancient times and is sure to bring blessings to your life, And don't forget CAKE!! 😋

~Shine Boldly~

⚝ Other members of the Flowering Aromatic Lamiaceae family are basil, mint, rosemary, savory, marjoram, oregano, hyssop, thyme, and lavender.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hylayis~ Comming this Spring ~

By: The Willoughby Sisters

Coming This April!!!
We are thrilled to share with you our new and exciting world of HYLAYIS.  
The first in a series of epic fantasy novels filled with romance, mystery, murder, and magic!
Here's a sneak peek from the back cover!!!

“No!” I scream, scrambling up onto my hands and knees.
     My heart drops into my stomach as I turn back towards the house. The whole left half of the second story is gone, while the rest of the place is engulfed in a raging inferno.
     "There is nothing we can do Ithaca, we must flee!" Slythe says, tugging at my shirt.
     Sitting in the cold, damp grass; I watch in slow motion as another explosion rocks the house, sending bits of burning wood raining down into the yard.
      “Ithaca!" he shouts.
      I stumble to my feet, dazed – silent tears racing down my cheeks, as flames devour everything in sight. It’s all my fault...

Journey with Ithaca as she battles Vicious Monsters, meets New Friends, recovers Lost Memories and discovers the Secrets of her Dark Past in, Hylayis.

Written by the Willoughby Sisters

Available this Spring here at Hidden Realms
& at Ash's Shop ~  A. Ditched OZ

~Shine Boldly~


Friday, January 5, 2018

~Meaningful Meditation~

Blessings Crafters of the Realm!!
I hope you are having a magical day!🔮
     Today here at Hidden Realms we are discussing meditation and how it can be meaningful in our everyday lives.
     Meditation has been practiced for centuries and has many benefits such as relaxing the body, promoting flexibility, gaining a deeper peace, increasing compassion and a connection to
ones true self.
      There are a variety of ways people practice meditation. Some of the most recognizable are the Breath meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, Chanting or mantras, Chakra Meditation and Guided meditation.
There are a lot of people that participate in group meditations as well focusing their positive intentions on helping the planet🌎
Mary's Art
Nature is a great place to meditate 

One of the most basics methods is
~ The breath meditation ~
Sitting in a comfortable position slowly breath in through your nose and out through your mouth focusing on your breath and the movements of your body as breath flows in and out.
You may do this for any amount of time that you feel comfortable. You can begin with five to ten minutes a day and work your way up to an hour or more.
This simple act of focused breath can have profound changes in your mind body and spirit.

There are many tools you can use to help you begin your own meditation practice
 and set up a peaceful inside space such as oils, incense and candles.
I recently began reading A Chakra healing book that includes chakra meditations as well as inspirations for altar/meditation space ideas.

When practiced regularly Meditation can be Magical 🔮
Promoting Peace and Positivity in our life
Making Meditation Meaningful

~Shine Boldly~

Friday, October 6, 2017

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