Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Mighty Little Acorn

  The Acorn 
Also known as the Oak Nut.
Since ancient times, the acorn has been cherished by our ancestors.
 In Native American history, the acorn was a very important staple in their diet. It helped the tribes in California avoid agriculture and remain hunter gathers for quite some time.
Acorns have an impressive number of health benefits. They are a rich source of proteins and are very important for the creation of new tissue and cell repair of damaged areas. Acorns promote rapid healing following an illness or injury.
Acorns protect the heart, boost energy, improve digestion and help regulate blood sugar levels.

 If ingested in excess, Acorns can cause Oak Toxicity which can lead to gastrointestinal issues as well as kidney issues.

This is due to the bitter Tannins acorns contain. 
The amount of tannin in acorns varies among Oak species. 
I recommend using White oak acorns as they are much lower in tannins.
All acorns need the tannins leached out with water before consuming.
 This can be done in a day by boiling them. Once shelled put the acorn meat into a pot of water and bring to a boil. The water will turn dark. Once this happens drain and repeat the process 3-5 times, depending on the level of bitter tannins in your acorns. 
Shelled and chopped acorns can be soaked in water for several weeks to remove tannins.
The safest way to ingest acorns is by making a coffee with them.

How to make Acorn Coffee

Step 1 - Remove the outer shell, and boil your acorn meat, nice rolling boil. 
Once fully leached, Drain and Rinse.
Step 2 - Cool your acorns and Cut the acorn meat into small pieces
Step 3 - Roast your acorn meat @ 400 degrees for about 35-40 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
They will become dark brown in color when they are done.
Step 4 - Grind them.
Step 5 - Make the coffee, use 1 tbsp. per every 6 0z. of water. Store unused grounds in a clean glass jar with a tight lid. Write the word Gratitude on the jar and store in the fridge.
In Celtic Lore, acorns symbolize potential, strength, youthfulness, power and prosperity. They also represented spiritual growth and good luck. They were worn around the neck as protection from lightning, acorns are associated with Zeus and Thor as well. As recently as WW1 and WW2, the Brits carried acorns in their pockets for protection.
  In Ireland, acorns were used in rituals to call on the fairies. Placing acorns on your window sills during the full moon was said to attrack the power of the Elves to bring you both money and prosperity in health.
  The Druids ate acorns as a means of divination. I have so much more about the Druids and the oak, but that will have to wait untill the next post.
Artwork By: Renee Willoughby

  For now, I will leave you with your coffee and tell you that oak doors lead to Hidden Realms.
Talk to you soon and remember, You Are The Light, Keep Shining Bright...
Renee Willoughby

Sunday, September 23, 2018

🌻Sunflowers 🌻

🌻Sunflowers 🌻 
A member of the Asteraceae or daisy family.
Sunflowers are a composite flower head, a tightly packed group of small flowers that form a single flower structure. The outer Halo of Flowers known as the petals, are called Ray flowers. The flowers in the center are Disks Flowers and mature into Seeds, the fruit of Sunflowers.
In addition to the ornamental beauty of the Flower, Sunflowers seeds are commonly used as food for people and animals. Bees love Sunflowers! Sunflower seed oil is used for cooking and in a variety of cosmetics. 

The sunflower has over 50 species and comes in annual and perennial.
 The Perennial varieties spread rapidly and can quickly become evasive taking over the area. 
They come in many colors like the well known yellow, as well as red, orange, purple, and others.
Here is a list of different kinds of Sunflowers
 🌻American Giant
Autumn Beauty
Aztec Sun
Black Oil
Chianti Hybrid
Dwarf Sunspot
Evening Sun
Giant Primrose
Gullick's Variety
Indian Blanket Hybrid
Irish Eyes
Italian White
Kong Hybrid
Large Grey Stripe
Lemon Queen
Loddon Gold
Mammoth Russian
Miss Mellish
Mongolian Giant
Orange Sun
Peach Passion
Prado Red
Red Sun
Ring of Fire
Solar Eclipse
Strawberry Blonde
Sunny Hybrid
Teddy Bear
Thousand Suns
Velvet Queen 
Willow leaf
Yellow Disk

How to grow
Plant your seeds🌱 In early spring after the last frost.
Sunflowers as it implies in the name need full sun.
They like moist, well draining soil. 
Sunflowers grow very tall reaching heights of 6 ~ 9ft. 
Sunflowers tilt during the daylight hours following the sun, this is called Heliotropism. 
They do this until the Flower reaches maturity

Sunflowers are allelopathic plants.
They emit a biochemical from their roots, germinating seeds, and seed hulls that inhibit the germination of other seeds around them.

A few other plants with allelopathic properties are black walnut, asters, and junipers.

Sunflower seeds are mature when the back of the bud head is yellow, but they still require time to dry
 before harvest. 
Mature Bud Head
Bud Heads are usually ready to harvest in Autumn.

Parts used~ whole flower, seeds, seed hulls, and Ray petals.

🔮Metaphysical uses🔮
longevity, strength, happiness,
 loyalty, friendship, good fortune, abundance, peace, and hope.

 Add a splash sunflowers to your Autumn Décor to call the above Qualities.
Natural Sunflower Oil is great for the skin making it an excellent carrier oil. 
~Shine Boldly~

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sacred Geometry

🔮Greetings Crafters of the Realm🔮
Recently I have been thinking a lot about Geometry in Natural forms.
The underlying foundation of everything around us, The living geometry of our lives.
You can see it all throughout nature If you just look closely. 
I am sure you've seen the Star at the center of an Apple

and the hexagons of a bees honey comb

which I recently saw in the blooms of a Gardenia
Like the Fibonacci spirals on the tendrils of a cucumber plant

Or maybe you've seen the Galactic spiral swirling within a cabbage.

or in the seed patterns of a sunflower
This has been very prominent the last few weeks to me.
Sacred Geometry moves us and radiates in All things
from the micro to the macro
Geometry Shapes us!

~Shine Boldly~

Sunday, August 12, 2018

From the Desk of the Crone...

    When I was a little girl growing up there were 5 generations of women on my Mother's side of my family. We really didn't get to see my Great-great Grandmother, Old Mama very much, except at family reunions. It was a huge family. There were so many cousins. My Great-great Grandparents had an enormous fig tree out back. I would escape the escapades of my rowdy cousins hiding under that fig tree. Those figs were delicious! Old Mama caught me out there once, but she just smiled at me and said "eat all you want Renee, they are sure good for you," and she slipped away without revealing my location. She was a small old lady and always wore a long cotton dresses with long sleeves and a leather belt around her waist, and boots. She had everyone in the family's total respect. If you were foolish enough to cross her, well let's just say that my cousin Jackie's legs might
still have a couple of switch scares on them. She was very quiet as well, but at bedtime in front of her beautiful wooden vanity table she would brush her long long gray hair singing the number of each stroke. Her hair had never been cut her whole entire life. After the brushing she would braid it  tie it up at the end with the hair from her brush while telling me that no rubber band had ever and would never touch her hair. Then she would roll it into a tight bun that was held in place by a hair comb. I wish I had that comb now. Well her daughter was who I called Mama-in-the country.
    She had been taught by her Mother how to grow food and how to "put it up" that was their phrase for canning foods. Mama-in-the country had a huge garden. My poor great grandfather worked in it from dawn to dark, everyday. He would come in at 10:00 in the morning to eat. She was always in the kitchen working on the food. I was well adept to the washing as you go system she had with the dishes. I used to tease her saying she was cooking for an army. Then one time she turned to me while wiping her hands on her apron and said, "You know Renee, I am greatly concerned about the next generations coming up. They don't know how to grow their own food and put it up. I am afraid that if this doesn't change, they won't make it." Then she went right back to her work. She was right! 
    We don't know how to grow and put up our food. This has to change. It is imperative for our survival. While you still have the internet, learn how. Better yet, find a mentor and learn from them. However you do it, learn these skills pass it down. This must be corrected. The future of our children and the future generations after them are depending on you. Get It Done!

As always, Be Still and Listen for the Whispers...until next time, 

From the desk of the Crone.

Lost Words that Must be Heard, of the Wise Old Women...from the desk of the crone.

Since time began, the woman was there to nurture. A huge part of the nurturing process was to pass on her wisdom to the younger generations. Her words had special power, just as much power that is passed down in her DNA. Old sayings are called old sayings for a reason. Not because they are old and outdated, but because they have stood the test of time and revealed their selves as TRUTHS. These truths must be remembered and spoken again with good intent because of their  power. In this set of articles, we will go over some of these old wise words ...
There comes a point in the life of most women where an examination of your life is forced to occur. For example Things, maybe circumstances is a better word, that have occurred during her life that have rendered her into compliance. Maybe she has been neglected. Maybe she has dealt with her emotions by filing them away to be dealt with later. Maybe she has even learned to overlook major infractions and buried them deep down inside. Maybe her voice has been stolen from her and she is under the control of others and lost all sense of herself.
This examination may have to occur because of her age or because of her stage. I am going to go with stage because I believe that this can happen at any age really. But there is one sure thing, YOU CAN ONLY HOLD IN SO MUCH. You will find yourself opening up that proverbial filing cabinet to put something else in, but instead it all comes gushing out at once. This can be highly overwhelming , but this is only because you chose to bury the crap instead of dealing with it at the time. Your voice will fight you to come out and be heard. At this point, you have to deal with it, you have no choice but to do so, otherwise it will take you down, make you sick and potentially kill you. You also have to be careful that it doesn't come out as verbal diarrhea. Now you have to be constructive with your words because they do contain power. Power that you have forgotten at this point. You must be heard, especially by you. Recognize that the voice in your head is your own voice. "Truly you are your worst enemy." Here are a few tips from the wise old women to help you get through this .
You may need the aide of another person to help you. Be very careful how you choose this person.
REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE....You are not to hurt anyone during this process. Remember, you know how this feels, you have been hurt and that is the reason that you are at this "stage".
1. You must be heard, so choose someone you know will listen. Yes, I do realize that this can be a daunting task in itself.
2. choose some that will hear you out and not talk over you. Choose someone who will not list your faults. You probably already know these things and you don't need to hear them again. Do NOT accept any, "you should haves, or I would haves" You probably already know these thing as well. "Hind sight is 20/20". Pick someone you can trust.
3. If you find that you do not have access to this type of person, Write it all down, read it out loud. Someone, somewhere will hear you and most importantly, YOU WILL HEAR YOURSELF.
* Remember that you a sovereign being--"This alone makes you worthy"
* Remember that you are precious.
* Remember all of the women that have come before you that have worked to make you who you are and remember all the generations of women who will come after you. TO THEM YOU ARE EVERYTHING.
* Find your voice and both keep it as well as share it. There is more power there than you can imagine.
* Find your peace with yourself.
That is all for now...from the desk of the Crone.
P.S. It has been said, "The brighter the  light, attracts bugs that bite" I say GO AHEAD AND JUST ZAP THEM. Not the person, defiantly not the person, ( you don't want to deal with that Karma ), just zap the negativity.