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Black Tourmaline Un-tumbled Pendant
Black Tourmaline Untumbled pendant
Black tourmaline is highly praised for its ability to absorb negative energy. In this way, it is often charged as a protective stone to be worn or placed around the home. Use it as well for grounding, helping to find balance, and bring good luck! Black Tourmaline is the most common form of tourmaline and gets its deep black coloring from the high concentration of iron in its makeup. 
No cord. 1/2-3/4"
$13 ea.

Double Terminated Points

A natural Quartz crystal formed and polished into a double terminated tapered massager. 
3/4" tapered to 1/2". 2"

Useful within your crystal healing practice in all manner of ways, this double terminated rose quartz point is both treasured for its beauty and the subtle energy it offers. Sizes vary: approximately 2" - 2 1/4".

This double terminated amethyst point is a wonderful addition to your crystal healing and ritual practices. Use it to help direct energy, particularly those of healing or that possess psychic properties. approx. 2" 

Double Terminated Points $15 ea.

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Pendulum bracelets
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz

Tiger's Eye
Each of these Pendulum Bracelets is a powerful and multi-use magical tool. Each can serve its owner in several ways. As a length of 3 x 3 prayer beads for meditative use. As a power bracelet using the natural energies of the stones each is created from to enhance or encourage the wearer's own energies. Unique to these bracelets they may also be used as a pendulum for various dowsing and divinatory tasks. These bracelets are meant to be wearable tools and the pendulum bob may be removed, left on or reattached at the owner's discretion. 3/4" Tree of Life. 9 stone beads 5/16". Bobs are natural and will vary slightly from the average 1 5/8" x 3/4". As a pendulum 11" As a bracelet 8 1/2"
Made in USA
Pendulum Bracelets $25 Ea

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~Rose Quartz Tealight~
A beautiful candle holder that has been carved from a natural formation of rose quartz, creating a candle holder surrounded by the natural points and facets. With a 1 1/2" diameter opening allowing you to place a small pillar candle, or a tealight candle within. Each candle holder is a unique piece, varying in size and shape from all others as it is carved from a natural piece of crystal. These are available only in a limited supply, so get them while you can!
~Rose Quartz Tealight~
25$ ea

1 lb Mixed tumbled stones
Offering 1 lb of mixed tumbled stones and crystals, this is a wonderful collection for anyone who simply adores exploring using the energy of stones, offering a wide selection at great value. Sold by approximate weight - not stone size or count. 33 - 37 stones. 3/8" x 1/2" - 1" x 1 3/4"
20$ ea.

1 lb tumbled Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is a gentle and warm stone that is of great use in works of love. It is also believed to be quite useful in healing emotional wounds, and providing calming energies. Sold by aproximate weight - not stone size or count.
$15 ea.