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~Mary's Meta-Art~

Mary Is a Freelance Writer, Artist, Designer & Crafter. 
Specializing in Children and Teen Literature, Character Creation, etc. 
 Original Fantasy & Abstract Artwork ~ I've termed Meta~Art, in various mediums, from Paintings to
 Designing & Crafting Stone & Crystal Jewelry, Soaps, Spa Salts & More! 

If you would like to inquire on purchasing/commissioning Artwork please contact me on my Facebook page Or Google+ Page!
All Canvas Paintings shipped UPS.
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'Rainbow Shore'
By: Mary Willoughby 2017
18x20 oil on canvas
~Original Painting available for purchase~
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Pink Periwinkles
By: Mary Willoughby 2017
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Stormy Night
By: Mary Willoughby 2016
20x16 Oil on canvas
~Original Painting Available For Purchase~

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Great Mother
By Mary Willoughby 2014
Poem & Photo
~Photo Prints Available~
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Zeus' Master Bolt
By Mary Willoughby 2010
20x 16 Oil & Acrylic on canvas

Crimson Sky 
By Mary Willoughy 2010
20x16 Oil & Acrylic on canvas

Emergence of the Green Goddess
By Mary Willoughy 2014
24x30 Oil on canvas

The Meeting
By Mary Willoughby 2015
24x30 Oil on canvas 

If you would like to inquire on purchasing/commissioning Mary's Artwork please contact me on My Facebook page Or Google+ Page!!
All Canvas Paintings shipped UPS.

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~Ash's Art~

Ashley is a Singer/Songwriter, with experience in Digital Media Design & Computer Science Technology

Specializing in Music ( Main/Lead Vocals & Lyric/Songwriting)
Ashley is also well versed in Digital Art/Graphics (programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp etc.), Illustration (Pencil, Pen, Marker etc.), Script-Writing & Storyboard Design, Character Design, Website Design and more!

"Horns & Halos Demo CD"
Ash Willow (Ashley Willoughby) 2018

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