~Smudge Supplies~

Cedar smudge stick 3-Pack 4"
This three-pack provides you with three Cedar smudge sticks, bundled together so as to burn easily and produce purifying and cleansing smoke. 4"

Palo Santo smudge sticks 6pk

Palo Santo wood is a rosy sweet-smelling wood also know as Holy wood. The sticks will smolder for several minutes once lit and blown out. 3 1/2" - 4"
10$ ea.

White Sage smudge stick 3pk
Perfect for blessings, prayers and purification rituals this pack contains three mini white sage smudge sticks. These sticks often run large and can be up to 4”. 3” 
10$ ea.

Leather Wrapped smudging feather 12"
Use this feather to weep the smoke of sage or sweetgrass in rituals of purification and prayer. 12"
25$ ea.

Abalone Shell

Useful for burning cone or resin incense, as a receptacle for smudge wands, holder for crystals or trinkets, decoration, etc. Sizes & markings will vary, as these are made by Nature. 4" - 5" 
10$ ea.

Smudging Prayer Page/poster
A great reference to keep hanging by your altar space, the Smudging Prayer poster offers you words to speak during your smudging ritual, when the sacred smoke will help carry your prayers. 
8 1/2" x 11"
$2 ea

Lavender & White Sage smudge stick
A bundled smudge stick of White Sage & Lavender. 7"-8"
$9 ea.