Sunday, April 28, 2013

Faery Spotlight

Surina-The Wise Old Woman

She is as old as time itself. Her skin hangs from her frame and is very wrinkled with age. It is so thin that she is almost transparent. She looks very fragile but do not let that fool you.Her hair is wild and looks just like spanish moss.She is bent in stature and her hands are knarled. She moves through realms with the help of a staff and is often seen with an owl in her company. Like Aydin, Surina has no boundries and moves through the realms easily camoflauged by the colors of that particular season.

Let's talk about Surina's eyes. One is as brown as the earth and always moving, taking in all the cycles of life at once.The other is as blue as the sky but blind and unmoving
She wears the most meager of rags as clothing . Her lifestyle is that of a hermit.She searches for wisdom from within and has wealthed a mass treasure trove of that wisdom. Any true seeker that comes to her is granted the benafit of listening to her share this wisdom.

Even the other Faeries respect Surina's solitude.They often leave her small gifts of food and drink. If this powerful elder graces any faery gathering with her sagely company she is treated like royalty by the others. When she speaks, all stop to listen.

Surinna is quick to defend love and compassion. She leads the way by teaching with gentleness and understanding. She can always see the connections between things and even the consequences they will bring .Surina turns her blind eye to punishment. She believes that you are to learn from your mistake and not to repeat them.

You must have patience in order to manifest Surina. You must be willing to listen and to contemplate. You will be encouraged to look within for wisdom, weighing the situation carefully with love and compassion.

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