Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting prepared

 Well today I dug out the tent I bought last year so it can air out a bit.
Just started sorting through my bag of supplies to make sure we have everything we need including the basics in our emergency survival kit.These are some of the things we pack when we go camping, however many of them are good to keep around all year in case of emergencies. I like the individual back packs and the family kits.
    Some of the most basic things you need are:
water/ water purifying tablets:
     at least three days worth for each person.
     at least three days worth for each person
water proof matches or other fire starter
First aid kit
Tools, this includes things like:
      flash lights, batteries, multi-tool, whistles and other signaling items.
Just to name a few.
  You can buy all these things separate and make your own or there are many places that you can find pre-made packs. Just surf around and find what works best for you.
 And don't forget if you have a family pet you'll need items to care for them as well.


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