Friday, April 12, 2013


     So today we officially celebrated Second grade graduation!
We played outside in the sprinklers, ate hot dogs and mac~n~cheese then had a really big sponge bob cake! it was lots of fun!
    Shortly after I let my little guy go check the mail for a special delivery!
He was so excited when he pulled out the big Manila envelope. His eyes just lite up when he opened it.
   "Wow", he said jumping up and down. "Cool"!
  It was his awards and diploma for Home school this year.
"Awesome", he shouts throwing his fist in the air.
It was fantastic.      
     So where did I get Certificates for Home school you ask?  Well, we are just like any other school we are just at home. So now my Writing office is now my Teachers office as well. I just used my home photo printer and personalized them for our Home school! It was Fun and easy and seeing the look on his face when he saw them, the confidence and success he felt was Priceless!
I Love Homeschooling. Best thing we ever did!

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