Thursday, April 25, 2013

Faery Rings and the Pink Moon.

This is April 25 2013, the night of the Pink Moon. Now the moon isn't actually pink but it is full and bright. Native Americans called the full moon of April the Pink Moon. There was a specific name for the full moon of every month of the year. They are listed below;

January- The Wolf Moon. Wolves were out and about in the brightness of the full moon at this time, howling for their next feast.
February- Snow Moon. Some of the heaviest snowfalls came at this time. Also known as the Hunger Moon because often this was a hungry time of the year.
March-Worm Moon. The worms were know to begin to surface at this time.
April- Pink Moon. This indicates the sprouting of seeds and the flowers making their spring debut.
May- Flower Moon. The flowers are said to even grow at night and dance to honor the moon.
June- Strawberry Moon. Strawberry picking time. Picking by moonlight honors the crop and insures a bountiful crop next season.
July- Thunder Moon. This is the time of the year for the biggest thunderstorms. Also known as the Buck Moon because the deers antlers began to develope.
August- Red Moon. The moon is quite often a reddish huge at this time. Also known as the Stergeon Moon because this fish was caught at this time.
September- Harvest Moon. The Native Americans knew that they had a little extra light in which to bring in their harvest.
October- Hunters Moon. The time of the year for prime hunting.
November- Beaver Moon.Beavers are coming into their fullness at this time of year. Time to set traps.
December- Cold Moon Also known as the Longest Night Moon. This is the month of the longest and coldest nights.

So as you can see, we are in the month of the Pink Moon.and as sure as it's name suggests, the wild flowers are in abundance. Spring is everywhere.There are more birds singing and more butterflies fluttering. There is newness in the air. A time for a fresh start. A time for the faeries to gather and bring spring into it's fullness. In the morning look at your gardens and in your yard. If you see a circle of mushrooms or clover you will know that the faeries have been there planning their next masterpiece of natural beauty for our eyes to behold.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, Fill your heart with light and Blessed Be.

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