Friday, April 26, 2013

Faery Spotlight

Aydin the Enlightened One.

Aydin is a brilliant faery with skin that shines like gold. His hair has no color as it is pure light and his aura pulsates with energy. Light brightens even more as he moves through it.At night, he appears in the whitest part of the flame.He is a very powerful being with no boundries like other faeries. He transends the realms with ease gathering all of the aspects of light.

Aydin has tremendous faith in the human spirit and he is always available to us. We just have to ask.

Aydin's presense may be felt as a gentle tug of the heart or a swelling of pride and a lump in our throat When his help is being used, your mind feels unusually alert. Things tend to become more clear to you than they were before. Quests are begun and ideas are born

Without Aydin you are dwelling in shadows. Things are foggy and just don't make sense. You may feel that you are walking around without purpose. You may even feel alone. This state of being can attract some of the darkest faeries.

Aydin is always there ready and waiting to fill your heart with light. He can help light up your path on the way to enlightenment. He encourages us to stand on our own two feet and to recognize our own good qualities.He tells us to listen to our inner spirit for wisdom given freely by the Light and that we are stronger than we think. Aydin reminds us that we too are beings of Light and to go forth and shine brightly.

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