Tuesday, May 29, 2018

🌺 Hibiscus🌺

A flowering plant in the Mallow Family.
Although not related to the rose family it is also known as Rose Mallow, Rose of Sharon, China Rose, & Aphrodite Rose.   
They bloom in a rainbow of colors, red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, white, pink, and some are even multitoned.
There are over 300 types of Hibiscus plants,
Some are even edible!
Edible Hibiscus is used to brew into teas, jams and various other dishes.
Hibiscus is used in hair and body products too!
The Variety Pictured here are my Purple Aphrodite. 

How to grow🌱
Can be grown from seeds and cuttings. Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep in soil.
Hibiscus likes moist but well draining soil.
Do not over water💦.
It is a tropical plant so it likes a warm climate and full sun.
Blooms begin in late spring continuing all summer into the early fall.
Always make sure your cutting tool is clean and sharp.
If you choose to prune your plant, Prune in early spring. When trimming cut branches just above a node, never cut back more than 1/3 of the branch.
Pruning your hibiscus will promote branch growth and keep your plant full and bushy, giving you more blooms.

Tip🌱 once the blooms are spent seed pods can be harvested once they turn brown.
Make sure to catch them before the pop open!

Parts used🌺 Flower petals, roots, and oils.

Metaphysical uses🔮
Hibiscus can be used in Love spells, divination, and dream magic.
Use dry petals to make a love incense or use in amulets or in a sachet.
 Anoint candles with oil and burn for divination.
Combine rose and hibiscus oil in a diffuser to bring
an atmosphere of love to your space.
Here is a Hibiscus Page I made for my Book📖.
How I made my Handmade Paper 

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~Shine Boldly~

✨ Other members of the Mallow family are
okra, cotton, cocoa and of course Marsh~Mallows 😁

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