Monday, August 19, 2013

Home-made Paper

As Unique as You!
This easy recipe is a great way to personalize your parchment!
You will need:

  • Old newspapers, or other non-waxed paper
  • Window screen
  • Frame, use a size to fit your needs, this is how big your paper will be (a standard picture frame is fine)
  • Sm. tub, or aluminum pan (big enough for frame to fit into)
  • Mortar & Pestle, or Blender
  • Water
  • Bowl
Tear your newspaper into quarter to dime size bits.
Place in bowl of water and let it soak over night, or two nights if you like.
Drain off most of the excess water.
Take your now soggy paper fibers and grind'em to a pulp! :)
After you feel you have significantly pulverized the pieces set to the side.
Fill your pan with warm water deep enough to submerge your frame well.
Add in your pulp and mix, distributing pulp evenly in the water.
Place in your screened frame.

Lightly, raise your frame up and down, moving from side to side until your pulp has become fairly uniform in the screened portion of the frame.
Remove any clumps as necessary.
Add your own unique flare! Maybe some pressed flowers or herbs?
Who knows, the possibility are endless!

Once you are satisfied with the thickness and uniformity of your page slowly raise your frame out of the pan, allowing the excess water to drain off.
Place in a warm area for drying, or you can use a hair dryer.
Once dry peal off and,
You made your own paper!

~Shine Boldly~


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