Friday, March 2, 2018

~Tigers Eye ~

~Tiger's Eye ~
     A member of the Quartz family. Tiger's Eye forms when quartz crystal dissolves into and overcomes the fibrous structure of Crocidolite turning into its chatoyant form with shimmering golden honey bands.

Metaphysical Uses~ 🔮
Tiger's Eye combines the energies of Fire🔥 and Earth🌎 elements!!
Tiger's Eye can be carried in you pocket or worn as pendants, bracelets and more for harmony, grounding, balance, calming, protection and wealth.
It was also thought by ancient warriors to bring bravery in battle.
Tiger's Eye is known as a high vibration stone.
High vibration stones raise the frequency of people, objects and spaces that are in contact with them and their energy fields.

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~Shine Boldly~
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