Monday, February 26, 2018

~ Signs Of Spring ~

🔮Greetings Crafters of the Realm!!!🔮
The Signs of Spring are popping up all around here at Hidden Realms!!!
Our Hibiscus 🌺
has started sprouting beautiful Green Buds!!!
And so has the Oak Tree!!!
The Rains of pre-spring

have arrived and it's
Time to get ready for the Garden!!!
This year in the spiral garden I will be growing
Lemon Balm
And Strawberries🍓!!

What will you be growing this year?
Whatever you grow I hope that your Gardens are bountiful!!
Don't forget to plant these
for the
~ Lavender ~
~ Marigolds ~
~ Sage ~
~ Rosemary ~
~ Thyme ~
~ Raspberries ~
~ Strawberries ~
~ Peppers ~
~ Fruit trees ~
~ Roses ~
~ Sunflowers~
~ Honeysuckles ~
These are just a few of the plants you can grow to help
Save the Bees

~Shine Boldly~

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