Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hylayis~ Comming this Spring ~

By: The Willoughby Sisters

Coming This April!!!
We are thrilled to share with you our new and exciting world of HYLAYIS.  
The first in a series of epic fantasy novels filled with romance, mystery, murder, and magic!
Here's a sneak peek from the back cover!!!

“No!” I scream, scrambling up onto my hands and knees.
     My heart drops into my stomach as I turn back towards the house. The whole left half of the second story is gone, while the rest of the place is engulfed in a raging inferno.
     "There is nothing we can do Ithaca, we must flee!" Slythe says, tugging at my shirt.
     Sitting in the cold, damp grass; I watch in slow motion as another explosion rocks the house, sending bits of burning wood raining down into the yard.
      “Ithaca!" he shouts.
      I stumble to my feet, dazed – silent tears racing down my cheeks, as flames devour everything in sight. It’s all my fault...

Journey with Ithaca as she battles Vicious Monsters, meets New Friends, recovers Lost Memories and discovers the Secrets of her Dark Past in, Hylayis.

Written by the Willoughby Sisters

Available this Spring here at Hidden Realms
& at Ash's Shop ~  A. Ditched OZ

~Shine Boldly~


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