Friday, February 13, 2015

~Hidden In the Garden~

    Wow the tomatoes from last years Squash 'N' Grow gave me a fantastic surprise a couple of weeks ago!!
    Last year My spiral garden grew well into late fall!
2014's Spiral
We haven't really had much of what you call a winter here in Texas, mostly just a really cold fall.
     As I was out in my yard clearing away a bit of the protective layers of leaves over my garden I discover two tomatoes!! One red and one yellow hidden beneath!!! So in the Squash 'N' Grow spirit.... you guessed it!
I squashed  them and planted them where their mother had dwelt ♥
Now they have broken ground readily welcoming the coming spring!
Time to plan and prep for this years Magick Garden too! Ostara will soon be upon us!
What will you be planting this year?

May your Gardens Be Abundant and your Hearts Full!
~Shine Boldly~

my mints are still alive too!!

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