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~The Perfect Apple~

Greetings Crafters of the Realm!!

     The second fruit that we shall look at in our series Fruits of the Harvest, is the perfect apple. Apples have been with us throughout our history. Archaeological digs have uncovered the dried remains of apples and apple seeds as far back as 5,000 years B.C. Twenty five thousand varieties are grown here in the US, and seventy five thousand are grown worldwide. The crab apple is the only variety native to North America. All other varieties have been imported. You may remember the folk tale of Johnny Appleseed. He was the kind and generous man who traveled around the country planting apple seeds so that neither American natives and settlers of the west would never be without food. I know that when I think of Johnny Appleseed picture a man wearing overalls made from burlap with a saucepan for a hat travelling around followed by a group of animals barefoot planting his wonderful trees all over the wilderness. We tell our children these stories when they are young but there is so much more concerning the apple that many people hear. So let us take a look at some more information on the perfect apple.

~Apple Mythology

    Hera, The Queen of the gods, received apple trees as a wedding gift from the Earth Mother Gaia. Hera set the Hesperides, The Daughters of the Evening along with a fierce dragon to guard the apple trees far off to the west. The apples were golden and had magical powers. They could heal and regenerate and always hit their target if thrown, returning to the hand of the person who threw it just like a boomerang.

     Eris, the goddess of discord was upset about not being included in the wedding feast, but went anyway and slammed one of the apples labeled "For the Fairest" down on the table. Seeing the label on the apple three of the goddesses began to argue. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all thought the apple was for them. (That is where we get the phrase, "An apple of discord"). As the argument escalated, Paris, the Prince of Troy was asked to settle the matter. He, in turn awarded the apple to Aphrodite. This enraged both Hera and Athena and in revenge they both helped the Greeks in the Trogan War and Troy fell.

     In Norse mythology the apple is the symbol of immortality. and in China the apple represents peace. Apple blossoms are the symbol of a woman's beauty. In Christianity, the apple represents the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. In Astrology the apple is considered a feminine tree governed by Venus, it's element is water.

~Magical properties of the Apple

      The Wood, Blossoms, Fruit, and Seeds of the Apple Tree can be used in your workings. The Apple can be used in many Magic workings including Love, Healing, Fertility, Prophesy, Immortality, and Garden Magic. Unicorns are said to prefer the apple above all other fruits.
  A sacred tree to the Druid. A Wand made from the wood of the Apple is most often used for visions and working with the Fae or Otherworld. To do this it is said you need a Silver Bough, described as a branch of the tree which bears the buds, flowers, and fully ripened fruit.
     The Druid, Merlin was said to work in a magical apple orchard shown to him by the Faerie Queen, Qwendolleu and was given the gift of prophecy after eating one of her magical apples. The orchard was guarded by birds. Merlin is also said to have taken shelter under an apple tree during his bout with madness. The apple tree is particularly favored by the Druids as Mistletoe is often found in it. It is said that Merlin used a Silver Bough of the apple tree adorned with ripened fruit and bells to cross safely into other worlds.The bells played a magical tune to appease the spirits. The last apple is often left in the apple tree to insure a good harvest for the next year.

Apple tree products can be used in potions, oils and incense. You may also substitute apple juice for wine in rituals. Apple blossoms can be used in love sachets and apple blossom oil can be used in many spells as well. If you can only find synthetic apple oil, add blossom petals and apple seed as well as a couple of leaves to strengthen the oil for your workings.

~Health benefits of the Apple

     Apples are the second most popular fruit in the U.S. This is a good thing because the consumption of apples greatly benefits your health. In fact, they are high among the top ranked fruits that you can eat for health benefits. We have all heard "An apple a day keeps the doctor away " The apple is full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants that fight disease. It is ranked second in antioxidant activity and is easily absorbed into your blood stream. Much of the vitamins and antioxidants are contained in the peel of the apple so never throw away your peel. Studies of the benefits of the apple have shown that the consumption of this fruit can decrease your risk of coronary disease. Eating the apple along with berries has shown to decrease your risk of Type II Diabetes, and when eaten with pears they can decrease the risk of asthma. They are also thought to greatly inhibit the growth of liver and colon cancer cells.

~Apple Spell ~

You Will Need:
One White Candle
Loose Apple blossoms
Apple Oil
Three Apples: Body, Mind, Soul.
White Cotton cloth

Take a Purification Bath Immediately before you begin.
Follow your normal actions in preparing and settling into your space, if you can, set your altar on the shore of a lake at Dawn.
Cast your Circle and begin,

Anoint candle with Apple Oil
Sprinkle Apple blossoms all around your space and into your cauldron,
as the smoke raises light your candle.
Pour water into your Bowl saying
        ~Blessed Lady of the Lake, I call to your loving grace.
One at a time place your three apples into the water saying
        ~With Sacred fruit of Silver Bough, I ask of you to heal me now .
 Remove apples one at a time and place in white cotton cloth saying
        ~Healing body, mind, and soul
           As Above So Below
           So Shall it Be

Eat the first apple and bury the core giving thanks for your Healing.

Wrap the remaining two apples in the cloth.
On the next morning repeat with the second apple.
On the third morning the same.
Once the final core is buried,
return to the spot and pour water over the buried apple for thee days.

~Apple Spell ~

Blessed Lady of the Lake,
I call to your loving grace.
With Sacred fruit of Silver Bough
 I ask of you to heal me now.
Healing body, mind, and soul
As Above So Below
So Shall it Be 

~Shine Boldly~

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