Thursday, July 30, 2015

~Magical Mint~

    Mint~ Mentha, from the Lamiaceae Family, can be used for so many things! Mint is used in cooking, teas, salves, soaps, washes, toothpaste, and incense. Whether you use mint dry or fresh there are a variety to choose from, each bringing something to the table.
 Mint loves to hybridize! So if you plan on planting more than one kind keep them as far apart as you can! It will cross pollinate! It is also very evasive and will take over a garden bed quickly, keeping them in a container will help keep it in check.

Spear mint~ This is the most commonly grown of mints

Water mint~  green and purple stems and leaves with a distinctly minty smell

Wild mint~ is the most camphorous of the mints, not sweet like others. This one is more often used medicinally

Apple mint~ Fruity minty flavor

Chocolate mint~ a naturally occurring hybrid if water and spear mint!! Smells like Andes candy!!

Ginger mint~ Bright yellow stripes on the leaves smells very much like spearmint~ spear mint and wild mint hybrid~ also called slender mint or scotch mint

Melissa or Lemon Balm~ is part of the Mint family, it gives off a lemon scent. It is believed to have a mild calming agent helpful in releasing stress and promoting sleep.

Catnip!~ Yes this is a member of the mint family~
and the list goes on!

A few other herbs that are also part of the Lamiaceae family!
oregano, marjoram, rosemary, basil , sage, and thyme.

Harvesting🌿~ Best time to harvest is in the morning to mid-day.

Metaphysical uses🔮~ Drawing good spirits, protection, money, love, travel, removal of hexes, setting intention in motion, healing.
You can roll and burn sticks just as you would sage, place in sachets, leave loose leafs around an area,

Parts used 🍃~ Leaf, Stem, oils

Here is a simple banishing spell that calls for mints!

~Shine Boldly~

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

~ ♥ Great Mother ♥ ~

The Sun shines brightly in your sky,
 its light lingers as your clouds drift by.
Your bounties vast more precious than gold,
 cool and crisp your colors bold.
soon your sky turns purple-grey,
 snowflakes drift and dance away.
their fluffy puffs lay on your ground, 
 fields of white all around.
 Your winds shift and waters fall
Life awakens, giving breathe to all.
Warm night's beneath the Moon,
sweetness of your flower's bloom. 
The Sun shines brightly in your sky,
 its light lingers as your clouds drift by.
~Shine Boldly~
Photo By: Mary Willoughby

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Friday, February 13, 2015

~Hidden In the Garden~

    Wow the tomatoes from last years Squash 'N' Grow gave me a fantastic surprise a couple of weeks ago!!
    Last year My spiral garden grew well into late fall!
2014's Spiral
We haven't really had much of what you call a winter here in Texas, mostly just a really cold fall.
     As I was out in my yard clearing away a bit of the protective layers of leaves over my garden I discover two tomatoes!! One red and one yellow hidden beneath!!! So in the Squash 'N' Grow spirit.... you guessed it!
I squashed  them and planted them where their mother had dwelt ♥
Now they have broken ground readily welcoming the coming spring!
Time to plan and prep for this years Magick Garden too! Ostara will soon be upon us!
What will you be planting this year?

May your Gardens Be Abundant and your Hearts Full!
~Shine Boldly~

my mints are still alive too!!