Thursday, May 15, 2014

Banishing Spell

Greetings Crafters of the Realm!
     I Hope that you all enjoyed last nights Full Moon! It was indeed a powerful one for me!!
As the Moon Wanes it is a great time to cast Banishing Spells for things which you would like to diminish in your life!
     Fully Charged and ready, here is a Banishing spell you can do!

You will need:
Herbs- rosemary and peppermint, enough to burn in your cauldron & sprinkle as you cast.
Candle- one white
Item of banishment- something to symbolize what you wish to banish.
Sachet or cloth- one you can fold items in and bury.

Remove all items from your surroundings that represent what you wish to banish.
Take a Purification Bath Immediately before you begin.
Follow your normal actions in preparing and settling into your space.
Cast your Circle and begin,

With Cauldron Burning and candle lit,
Place your item of banishment in cloth or sachet sprinkle rosemary and peppermint over the item
While sprinkling the peppermint say:
 I create the change I seek today,
While sprinkling the rosemary say:
 I bind (name it) and take it away.
Fold or pull closed.
Drip wax from candle over sachet or cloth and say:
 I seal this spell with purity, love, and reverence,
 So Mote It Be

Take it and bury it off your property where it will not be disturbed.

~Shine Boldly~

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