Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Exotic Pomegranate

     With the Autumn Equinox right on our doorstep. The second of the harvest festivals and the beginning of the fall season. Let's look at some of the fruits of the harvest and their magical properties and health benefits. We will start with the exotic pomegranate.

~The Mythology
     Demeter was the goddess of the earth and of grain. She was the goddess responsible for the bounty of the earth and all of the food for mankind. Demeter was the mother of the beautiful Persephone.
Persephone along with the other goddesses enjoyed picking and smelling the lovely flowers that grew on Mt. Aetna in Sicily. One day a narcissus caught Persephone's eye and she plucked it. As she pulled the flower from the earth a rift formed.
     Demeter had not been watching her daughter very closely. After all she was grown now and there were the other goddesses there to help keep an eye on her. But when Demeter went looking for her daughter she found that she had vanished. The other goddesses could not tell Demeter what had happened to her daughter. One minute she had been there and the next minute she was gone.
Demeter was beside herself with grief and roamed the county side looking for answers. She wondered, heart broken for 9 days, randomly torching the earth.
     Demeter went to Helios, the god of the sun and asked him what had become of her daughter as he was able to see everything that happened on the earth during the day. Helios told Demeter that Zeus had given Persephone to be married to Hades. Acting on this promise, Hades had taken Persephone home to the underworld. Helios added that he thought that this was a good match.
     Demeter was outraged. Rage turned to sorrow and depression. She was so distraught that she couldn't even think about doing her work. No one else was able to do her work for her since she hadn't shared the secrets of agriculture with anyone else. Since Demeter was not providing food soon no one would eat. Famine would set in.
     Zeus decided that he had to do something to placate his sister. He sent Hermes to the underworld to talk to Hades. Hades said that he would allow Persephone to return to her mother but offered her a farewell meal. Persephone knew that she should not eat but seeing the kindness of her husband she lost her head and ate 6 pomegranate seeds. Eating the food of the underworld insured that Persephone would always have to return to the underworld. From that moment on, Persephone was allowed to return to her mother for two thirds of the year but the last three months, she would have to return to her husband in the underworld. In return, Demeter agreed to let seeds sprout from the earth for all but the last three months when she had to be separated from her daughter again. To further show her goodwill, Demeter taught Triptolemus the secrets of agriculture and he traveled the world teaching man how to grow their own food.

~Magical properties of the Pomegranate

The Pomegranate brings prosperity, protection, fertility, conception and wisdom.

Magical parts- seeds, juice, outer skin

The pomegranate is the sacred fruit of Persephone and represents her journey to the underworld.
It is customary to eat three pomegranate seeds on Halloween in remembrance of Persephone's journey. Eating more than that is said to bring hardship into the coming year.

In the middle east the fruit symbolizes wealth and fertility. There it is the custom to eat as many as possible in order to bring prosperity into their life.

Carry a dried piece of the outer skin or add it to a spell for conception.

~Health benefits of the Pomegranate.

Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants. Even more so than red wine. They are thought to help fight many cancers, especially prostate cancer. Studies are being done with pomegranates and prostate cancer prevention.

Pomegranates have anti inflammatory properties and pomegranate oil can help with menopause.

Pomegranates possess anti microbial and anti viral compounds.

Pomegranate juice may lower blood pressure and improve blood flow, therefore it is good for your cardiovascular system.

~Below is a simple spell using pomegranates from Hidden Realms.

~Simple Pomegranate Spell~

I eat these seeds 1x3
for vision, wisdom, prosperity
So Shall It Be

~Shine Boldly~

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