Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox

     Mabon, the Autumn Equinox! The second of the Harvest Festivals! Marking the first day of Fall!!
     So named after the Welsh god, Mabon. The Great Son, Child of Light!
The Great Hunter upon his horse, always with his hound Drudwyn by his side.
      One of the earliest literary references to Mabon comes from the Tenth century poem Pa Gur. In which Author recounts the many feats and achievements of he and his knights to gain entry into a Fortress.
     On one quest with his cousin Culhwch, Author and his knight's must complete a number of impossible tasks in order for the Giant Ysbaddaden to allow his daughter Olwen to marry Culhwch. The only one he can marry due to the curse placed on him by stepmother.
Among these tasks, they must find and free the exalted prisoner Mabon and track the Twrch Trwyth! He may then marry his Daughter.
     Mabon, is the only one who can track the dog Drudwyn.
Drudwyn is the only way to track down the Twrch Trwyth, an enchanted wild boar who was once a king.
They learn that Mabon was mysteriously stolen from his mother when he was just three nights old.
 Traveling the land they ask the oldest and wisest of animals for information leading to Mabon.
Finally, they are lead to the Salmon of Llyn Llyw, the oldest of all! They then ride the Giant Salmon up the River to Mabon's Prison at Gloucester. Where they free Mabon from his prison and he joins them on their Quest!
     References to Mabon can also be found in other Autheran Tales. Such as the Battle of Bodon. Just a few of the places where we can read of Mabon and his deeds.
     The Druid celebrate Mea'n Fo'mhair, honoring the The Green Man, God of the Forest. Giving offerings to the trees.
     Wiccan Honor The Triple Goddess at this Festival. Celebrating the change of the Mother to the Crone. During the Spring and summer The Mother brought growth and abundance. We have now Harvested theses great gifts and She now becomes the Crone, the wise one. With the Crone comes the cold winds of winter, the darkness, and the withering earth.
     Today the hours of light and dark have become equal again and we Honor this balance. From this day on the hours of light will be overcome. Our sun will continue its slow descent in the sky until it reaches its lowest point at Winter Solstice.
     We give thanks for the bounty we have harvested and make our preparations for winter. Apples, grapes, nuts, gourds, and berries are common foods during this festival. Most all of our crops have been harvested and we make our jams and wine! The Celts are known for making some Exceptional Blackberry wine!
     Other names for this Festival are, Harvest Home, Festival of the Vine, Pagan Thanksgiving, Wine Harvest, Alben Elfed, and The Feast of Avalon.
     Traditionally, the Full moon Closest to the Autumn Equinox is the Harvest Moon!

~Shine Boldly~

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