Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday The 13th!

This one falls in 13th year of the new century!
 One of the most feared days of the year. Because of the combined fears of Friday's and the number 13,
 Loads of lore and superstition surround this day of dread. And you especially don't want to befall any other superstition on this day, such as walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, or having a black cat cross your path! The effects are said to be greater on Friday the 13th!
Its myths are rooted in history and personified in pop-culture. Where exactly it originated depends on who you ask. In fact there is so much misfortune associated with this day I could fill a book! Almost all cultures have myths and legends for today. From religions to politicians, everyone has a tale.
Millions of people in fact believe so much in the Un-Luckiness of this day they will not do business deals, travel, shop, and many other things due to this fear. If they do get out today many carry various charms hoping they will bring them good luck. Charms like a rabbit's foot, horse shoe, feathers, and of course the four leaf clover.
Many Hotels and other High-rise buildings do not have a thirteenth floor, or room!  Many Airports do not have a thirteenth gate. Even some grocery stores do not have and isle thirteen. You can find this avoidance of the number 13 throughout architecture.
One of the names for this Fear of Friday the 13th is,
Friggatriskaidekaphobia, (Frigga-tris-kai-deka-phobia)
Frigga (sometimes spelled Frigg) The Norse Goddess, Tris meaning three, Kai meaning and, deka meaning ten, and phobia means fear.

For some this Day is quite the opposite. For Witches, Wiccan's, and other Neo-Pagans today is a day full of magic! A Spell Prime Time! Thirteen can be associated with positive aspects in the Craft. Such as 13 moons in the year,  and the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky each day.  Also there are traditionally 13 members in a coven.
I believe this day is very lucky indeed. 13's have always brought me luck! I look forward to it. My favorite Day, Next to All Hallow's Eve!

Friday December 13, 2013 Will be the next one!
Good Luck!

~Shine Boldly~

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