Monday, October 28, 2013

Hallow's Evening Altar Ideas

This special time of year calls for a special look for your altar.

Reflect the colors of late Autumn and the dying earth in your setting. Cover your altar with a dark cloth to welcome the darker nights. You can use black, deep purple or any other rich color. Select candles with deep rich colors such as...
Orange for strength and endurance
Deep purple for power and wisdom.
Burgundy for love and passion
Black to represent death
Don't forget a silver or white candle to represent goddess.

Symbols of death, like skulls, a scythe, ghosts and grave rubbings should be used to honor the spirits of your ancestors.
Set a basket as an offering filled with products from your final harvest as well as apples, squash and root vegetables and of course a pumpkin.

As well as setting up your formal altar, you can set several small spaces around your home. I have found that me and my daughters do this without even realizing it. Look around you may already be doing this as well.
You should keep your altar and spaces set until sunset November 1st.

Remember to be creative. You should always personalize your altar to reflect you.

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