Monday, August 20, 2018

Sacred Geometry

­čö«Greetings Crafters of the Realm­čö«
Recently I have been thinking a lot about Geometry in Natural forms.
The underlying foundation of everything around us, The living geometry of our lives.
You can see it all throughout nature If you just look closely. 
I am sure you've seen the Star at the center of an Apple

and the hexagons of a bees honey comb

which I recently saw in the blooms of a Gardenia
Like the Fibonacci spirals on the tendrils of a cucumber plant

Or maybe you've seen the Galactic spiral swirling within a cabbage.

or in the seed patterns of a sunflower
This has been very prominent the last few weeks to me.
Sacred Geometry moves us and radiates in All things
from the micro to the macro
Geometry Shapes us!

~Shine Boldly~

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