Sunday, August 12, 2018

Lost Words that Must be Heard, of the Wise Old Women...from the desk of the crone.

Since time began, the woman was there to nurture. A huge part of the nurturing process was to pass on her wisdom to the younger generations. Her words had special power, just as much power that is passed down in her DNA. Old sayings are called old sayings for a reason. Not because they are old and outdated, but because they have stood the test of time and revealed their selves as TRUTHS. These truths must be remembered and spoken again with good intent because of their  power. In this set of articles, we will go over some of these old wise words ...
There comes a point in the life of most women where an examination of your life is forced to occur. For example Things, maybe circumstances is a better word, that have occurred during her life that have rendered her into compliance. Maybe she has been neglected. Maybe she has dealt with her emotions by filing them away to be dealt with later. Maybe she has even learned to overlook major infractions and buried them deep down inside. Maybe her voice has been stolen from her and she is under the control of others and lost all sense of herself.
This examination may have to occur because of her age or because of her stage. I am going to go with stage because I believe that this can happen at any age really. But there is one sure thing, YOU CAN ONLY HOLD IN SO MUCH. You will find yourself opening up that proverbial filing cabinet to put something else in, but instead it all comes gushing out at once. This can be highly overwhelming , but this is only because you chose to bury the crap instead of dealing with it at the time. Your voice will fight you to come out and be heard. At this point, you have to deal with it, you have no choice but to do so, otherwise it will take you down, make you sick and potentially kill you. You also have to be careful that it doesn't come out as verbal diarrhea. Now you have to be constructive with your words because they do contain power. Power that you have forgotten at this point. You must be heard, especially by you. Recognize that the voice in your head is your own voice. "Truly you are your worst enemy." Here are a few tips from the wise old women to help you get through this .
You may need the aide of another person to help you. Be very careful how you choose this person.
REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE....You are not to hurt anyone during this process. Remember, you know how this feels, you have been hurt and that is the reason that you are at this "stage".
1. You must be heard, so choose someone you know will listen. Yes, I do realize that this can be a daunting task in itself.
2. choose some that will hear you out and not talk over you. Choose someone who will not list your faults. You probably already know these things and you don't need to hear them again. Do NOT accept any, "you should haves, or I would haves" You probably already know these thing as well. "Hind sight is 20/20". Pick someone you can trust.
3. If you find that you do not have access to this type of person, Write it all down, read it out loud. Someone, somewhere will hear you and most importantly, YOU WILL HEAR YOURSELF.
* Remember that you a sovereign being--"This alone makes you worthy"
* Remember that you are precious.
* Remember all of the women that have come before you that have worked to make you who you are and remember all the generations of women who will come after you. TO THEM YOU ARE EVERYTHING.
* Find your voice and both keep it as well as share it. There is more power there than you can imagine.
* Find your peace with yourself.
That is all for now...from the desk of the Crone.
P.S. It has been said, "The brighter the  light, attracts bugs that bite" I say GO AHEAD AND JUST ZAP THEM. Not the person, defiantly not the person, ( you don't want to deal with that Karma ), just zap the negativity.

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