Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Creative Consciousness

🔮Greetings Crafters Of the Realm🔮
All is connected. All is vibration manifesting into energetic resonance.
Fueling all life. All emanating a bio magnetic energy field. 
This electromagnetic energy resonates at
Extremely Low Frequencies
~ ELF's ~
Just like the elf's in the electromagnetic field of the earth, known as the Schumann resonance.
 We have our own 
electromagnetic or bio magnetic field  
Our Aura
The bio magnetic field of the human heart or Heart Chakra,
a vortex of energy that can be measured several feet away from the body, this is part of your Aura.
A field of energy comprised of the chakra energies of the body.
Our life force, this invisible Prime Energy that connects to and flows through you, me, and all things.
Keeping this Auric energy healthy and in balance by doing meditative exercises brings a greater heart brain harmony, or heart brain coherence.
Allowing you to better focus your energy on your intentions.

Directed intentions effect everything around us down to the smallest molecule, and through our oneness this energy travels setting our energy into creative motion .

How do we utilize this energy? This creative consciousness.
Our ELF's

Lets see this in terms of Spells.

Specific Projection of Energy at Low Levels.
or directing focused energetic intention to effect subtle energy fields.

~The Process~
Focus your intention/will in your thoughts
Feel the emotion, project your heart energy, of how you will feel having you intention now, feel the gratitude of already having it.
You can use tools to help focus your intention. Such as sounds, smells, images. etc.
All carrying their own energy, enhancing our emotional will.
When we release this energy it effects the field around us, towards the intended target causing change.
This resonance of energy is our creative field. 
Our Magic!
We all do this naturally without even realizing it.
It calls to us.

Can you hear it?
I have heard from many that they feel compelled, or drawn by something, yet they can't quite put their finger on it. A feeling to be somewhere or do something.

I believe this "call" is stemming from the same Prime Energy source.
Calling to us through the wind the trees the streams, the EARTH!
From the seed of this our essence is born, it is a constant, always in motion evolving forevermore.
From one cell to another energy and information are transferred nothing is left to waste from the smallest atom to the largest solar bodies you and I as with all else that exists are connected by this Prime Energy your connection with this is with all, connect and flow with this energy.
When you do its what we call
 being in the flow or being in the zone.
We reflect this energy as it moves through us. We change it giving it our own flare and it shines!
I touched on this in Natural magic.
We choose each day what energy we will emanate, what we connect with and nurture.
This combined with actions towards the intention will empower you to manifest your creation.
What will you Create today?

~Shine Boldly~

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