Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Candle Making

Handmaking your own candles can be a wonderful way to bring light and warmth into your home and hearth!
There are various different types of candles you can make from, poured container, dipped or tapered, tea light, to rolled candles. and if you are feeling really creative you can try your hand at carving!
Candles can be made using left over or new wax.
Today I am making Tea Light Autumn Inspired candles!
So Gather your Crafting Supplies and lets begin!!
You will need:
  • wax 
  • container for melting -double boiler 
  • wicks
  • coloring
  • fragrance 
  • container

Measure the amount of wax according to your need, I am pouring a few tea light candles that hold about an ounce of wax each.

 once your wax is melted add your color and fragrance, if needed.
I am using Pumpkin Pie fragrance and I reused red and yellow wax to make my Autumn candles Orange!

 Once you have your wick secure gently pour your wax into your container

As soon as your wax has cooled you can enjoy your wonderful creation!

Shine Boldly

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