Monday, June 6, 2016

~ Into The Blue ~

Greetings Crafters Of the Realm!!
 I hope that you all have been doing well!
This last week I did a lot of painting! My husband brought home a lovely conch shell from the Atlantic Ocean a few weeks back and I can't get enough of its beautiful sound! 
Here are a couple of the paintings I did this past week! 
Can you tell I have the Ocean on my mind!
'Stormy Night'
By Mary Willoughby 2016
20x16 Oil
'Into The Blue'
By Mary Willoughby 2016
20x16 Oil
They are still drying but will be available in the shop as soon as they are ready!!!!
I am Working on a Third now, In Lavender & Pastels!
Can't wait to paint more!!

Have A Magickal Day!!

~Shine Boldly~

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