Sunday, January 24, 2016

~Earthing & Earthing Bowls~

      Earthing is the exchange of free electrons from the Earth to our bodies,
through direct contact with the Earth.
Also referred to as grounding,
Earthing can benefit us in many ways; including better sleep, better immune function, less stress, less tension, and less pain.
    Earthing is as simple as walking barefoot, laying in the grass, or putting your feet in the sand! Simply go out and connect with Nature!

Can't go outside?
   An Earthing bowl is a great way to keep a connection with the Earth when you are unable to go outside.
     Earthing bowls can be as basic or elaborate as you wish. First find a nice size Bowl,
 Bowled planter or another item that will hold soil, and big enough to fit your feet or hands in.
        Once you have filled your container with Earth your Earthing Bowl is ready to use!!
 If you would like to add some extra energy to your bowl add in crystals, stones, herbs, and other energizing items. Change or rearrange as you wish!
 Love the Ocean!! Bring the essence of the Sea right into your home! Fill one with Sand and Shells from your favorite Beach! Do you love it in the deep thickness of the Forest? Growing a moss one would be great! Let it be as individual as you!
Here is an Earthing Bowl I made!
After filling My Bowl I placed it outside allowing it to charge All night in the Light of the Full moon
And All day in the Sun!

So, next time you are feeling stressed, unbalanced, or just want to reconnect with Nature try Earthing!
~Shine Boldly~

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