Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sometimes it is like a Dance, even when you are the Only One that can hear the music

The evening of the summer solstice was fast approaching. I had been preparing for this time of the evening all day long and my energy level was tingling. I sat on my front porch and sipped my "tea", a family potion actually. I watched the sky being painted with giant burnt orange and hot pink feathers as I sipped the warm and calming liquid. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The sound of the crickets were even more relaxing as they sang me their night song. Then I saw a white tailed rabbit run across my yard and heard the distant call of a whippoorwill. Where the sunset met the bluing sky, I saw the first star of the night. The fireflies began to dance in the trees. The Guardians were here with me. I lay my wreath of golden flowers upon my altar around a small bowl of water and sprinkling the flowers with the water I gave thanks to the Mother Earth for all of her wondrous gifts. I light my white candle and invited the Fae to celebrate with me. Then I rang my chimes three times. I knew then that the faeries  were there to dance with me. We danced with joy late into the night. As the party wound down we all felt new hope, all said good night and remember to "Shine Boldly". Happy Summer Solstice from Hidden Realms.

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