Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day/Beltane

     This holiday stems back to ancient time. May day is celebrated by many different cultures.
Known to many as one of the Celtic Fire Festivals, Beltane, celebrated half way between Spring Equinox/Ostara and Summer Solstice/Midsummer festivals.
     Beltane is also mentioned in the earliest of Irish literature. Rituals were preformed for protection of animals, crops, and people. Special bonfires were lit and their smoke, fire, and ash was believed to have protective powers. It was also believed the Beltane dew had powers to bring youthfulness and beauty.
     In Wicca tradition it is one of the Sabbaths on the Wheel of the year. The Wicca Beltane unifies practices from many cultures including the Maypole and closely resembles the Germanic May day celebrations.
   The Maypoles symbolism is debated upon. However, they were mostly found in Germanic Europe, where, Germanic paganism was practiced in many forms, this leads to speculations that maypoles were somehow a continuation of Germanic pagan tradition. It is also believed they were symbolism for sacred trees, or the world tree. The world tree or tree of life symbolizes the great connection of all things.
     Here's to all of us feeling the connection we have to the light on this May day as we celebrate life.
~Shine Boldly ~

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