Monday, May 13, 2013

Blue Lace Agate

Agate comes in many varieties producing every color known on earth, all having qualities unique to each, yet similar. Agate has been called the gem of ecology and has sometimes been called the earth rainbow because of its various forms and colors. It is classified as microcrystalline quartz, a type of silica of the chalcedony group. It forms in nodules in volcanic rock and ancient lavas.
     Blue lace agate vibrates at a lower frequency than all other stones. This stone was used by ancient peoples in a variety of sacred ceremonies. Neolithic people used it as healing amulets and ornaments. Agates healing qualities are still used all over the world today. Blue lace agate is a highly guarded staple in the home for its calming and strengthening influences.
     Blue lace agate is not know as the protection stone among the agates but as the support stone.

     Magical Properties of Blue Lace Agate;

     Balances emotions, promotes intelligence, and balances yin and yang. Helps one connect to their feelings, helping men to accept their feelings and sensitivities. Wards off evil as it has the blue and white color combination. Aids with arthritis pains and growth of bones, relives headaches and digestive disorders. Helps one to think before they speak. Good for children to help them discern whether an event is real or imagined. Great to wear during pregnancy. Helps to alleviate post-partum depression and when worn between the breast helps to promote lactation.
     It is an emotional healing stone. Resonates with the throat and heart chakras and brings empathy into your heart. Brings tranquility, alleviating anger and bitterness. Helps to relieve anxiety bringing calmness. It clarifies thoughts accesses spiritual thought and helps you to use them to your benefit. Helps to amplify the power of positive thinking and works especially well with sound. Boost ability to communicate with others and with your higher self.
    It can be carried in your pocket, worn as an amulet or any other piece of jewelry.

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