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7" Amethyst Point lamp

A perfect touch to any room, with this quaint beautiful Amethyst lamp, just enough light to capture the natural beauty of it's 7" point Amethyst crystal, while bringing the energies within the space you choose to display it in. Our natural gemstones are all unique with their own colors, shapes, characters, flaws, formations, and shapes, therefore each lamp is uniquely it's own, mounted on a wooden base pedestal. Comes with detachable cord.

Wheel of the Year plaque

This wheel is detailed with nature items: pumpkin, acorns, nest eggs and more. A wonderful plaque to honor life, family, friends, bounty, and to welcome all. 
Light earth brown. 
Hand Painted Resin 11" x 1" x 11"
$55 ea

Elemental Fae

Part of a set of four, Each of these Stunning Fae statues is dedicated to one of the four elements Earth, Air, Fire & Water. Unbelievable detail and viewable from any angle.
Hand painted cold cast resin. 12” x 4” x 4” 
$65 ea.

Choose your Fae

Cat and Pentagram Wall Plaque
Blending marvelous details with vines and Celtic knot work entangled around a Crescent Moon and a pentagram, within the center of which rests a black cat. 7 1/2" in diameter.

Tree Of Life Backpack
This canvas backpack displays a central Tree of Life; surrounded by a Celtic knot border. The shoulder straps serve as the cinch to pull the top closed. 17" x 20"
$25 ea.

Peace Sign Tote Bag
Boldly displaying a peace sign, this black, cotton tote bag is accented by swirling tie-dye designs. Double sided. 18" x 18"
$9 ea.