~Sealing Wax & Stamps~

Wicca sealing wax Box Kit
Celtic sealing wax
Celtic sealing wax Box Kit
Magic sealing wax
Magic sealing wax Box Kit
Customize invitations, greeting cards, and more with enchanting wax stamps.
 Each Boxed kit (3 1/8 x 4 1/2) includes natural wax and a metal seal.
$17 ea

Choose your Kit!

Sealing Wax Refill 3pk

A refill set of three sealing wax refill sticks. One each color: Green, Red & Lavender. Each sealing wax stick contains a cotton wick which eliminates the need for a separate heat source.
10$ ea
Spiritual Sealing wax kit
Spiritual Sealing wax kit

The Spiritual Sealing Wax Boxed kit includes 3 natural wax sticks, wooden handle, and three brass screw on seals: Sun, triple moon, celtic knot.
$30 ea.

Celtic Sword Letter Opener

This letter opener takes the form of a cruciform sword, decorated with knots of a Celtic design and a hilt shaped into a winged dragon. 5 1/2"
$8 ea.